About a girl.

Okay, that was a stupid ass joke.

*Fits her throat*

If you got here is 'cause two reasons:

1. You really wanted to meet me.

2. You got lost.

As you may read on the left side of this, I'm Ari, nice to meet you. Don't really know what do you want to know about my but here's some few things.

1. I'm a totally weirdo.

2. I like cool stuff.

3. I like food.

4. I love cats.

5. I love food.

There's nothing normal on the planet, so don't really sure if "normal" is a descriptive word for my life. I fangirl over too much stuff, like boy bands and pretty females artist, and loves cartoons like "Adventure Time" and "The Amazing World of Gumball". My favorite things to do is surf the internet, fangirl over The Beatles, make cool ps stuff, fangirl over 1D, sing, fangirl over 5sos, dance, fangirl over justin bieber, read, fangirl over The Beatles, eat, spend time on my antisocial room, and...that's all(?)

I like comincs too, like Iron Man, Batman, Deadpool(even through he's not so familiar marvel's character) & Scott Pilgrim. Videogames are on my blood, i like them and always will. Read and write some one shots or fanfics is other two hobbies I like. Usually I like to go out with friends(we're the inside-cool type of person). Grafic Desing is 50% my life. I'm hoping to finish high school to get into college for to study foreign languages, graphic design & music(last one is my other 50% life).

So...I suppose those are the mainly things about me if you want to know me. I considerate myself as a "Pandora box" so if you want to know me better, just ask babe.

Thanks for taking your time reading this<3.